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The only thing I would add to the rabbi’s speech concerning German citizens during the Hitler years, is that there were also actual ”mild Germans” (true believers) who believed in Hitler’s National Socialism platform but turned a  blind eye to the faux bio-genetic science and race based policies and other similar horrors. Yet they too, along with good Germans who rejected all of Nazism in its entirely, never rallied in large numbers to protest the rise of Hitler’s National Socialists.

What I’m getting to here is that, Muslims, as with Germans who didn’t sign on to the National Socialist agenda in part, or in whole, bear the very same responsibility in demonstrating their disapproval in noticeable numbers, the complete rejection of violent Jihad, as well as rejecting the implementation of Islamic sharia within the West. It’s entirely up to them what form of ”private sharia” they adhere to in the privacy of their homes, as long as it doesn’t filter into public life.

NOTE: I also take an exception to the label of ”radical Islam” to define what is actually at war with us,…. fundamentalist Islam, (basic Islam 101). The sole reason for the jihad is to institute the sharia, something of which the overwhelming majority of Muslims (though holding opposite opinions) would find incredibly difficult to argue against.

H/T: Alexis Worlock via Donny Kligman

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