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Pamela Geller’s new poster campaign in NYC against the jihad, was spray painted by an ethnic Egyptian US citizen, who fallaciously claimed that her removal of someone else’s free speech (by spray painting over the sign), was laughably…free expression itself and under the law. A woman named Pamela Hall was there to record any abuse of the poster, and what ensued was a serious confrontation, a defending of free speech, as well as a rather amusing cat and mouse defense and destruction of free speech.

LOL.….The woman also makes the erroneous claim of protesting against racism. Hey stupid, when you take the biology out of racism, you make protesting against political parties that you don’t like,….impossible.

Read the NYP article on it here.

NOTE: According to Atlas Shrugs, the woman who assaulted the poster and free speech, was none other than islamic activist, Mona Eltahawy (a writer, blogger and supporter of outlawed terrorist groups). More here.

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  1. The signs are in opposition to terrorism. This woman protested against them using vandalism, assault, intimidation and the same blood libel that all terrorists use against those opposed to their violent imperialist conquest.

    She’s a terrorist.

    That’s not an exagguration. Terrorists are not just the violent killers. They are also the fellow travellers who assist them like this terrorist bitch is doing.

    She is NOT a protestor.

    She is a TERRORIST.

    People who demonstrate in support of Terrorists Are Not Protestors.

    They Are Terrorists.

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