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This hits home somewhat.

The parish priest whose church was burnt down in Pakistan on the 21st of this month (Friday evening) by a mob 0f marauding Muslims (offended by a movie they’ve never seen, but didn’t think or care that destroying a church to be offensive) is a friend of a good acquaintance of mine. I remember some months ago discussing with my friend how things were in this pastor’s area, was there anything to worry about, and I was told that ”things were quiet there”. Not any more.

Here’s the church during happier times,

And now after Islam got a hold of it.

Here is the initial story, they are devastated I hear, they have Christians supporting them from Norway, and so have access to some international funding, but they have lost a 500 seat building which contained a school etc. This is a major loss for them. Thankfully no one was murdered.

NOTE: I receive word that they are holding services out in the open air.


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  1. Another show of typical Muslims DEMANDING RESPECT using violence against any non-Muslims in sight and destroying property/anything that is not Islam.

    Typical Muslim will shout, “You must repect us or else we will kill and destroy until you we get the respect we deserve!”

    Respect is a ONE WAY street with Islam and Muslims.

  2. As I’ve posted for years, on LGF for instance back in 2003 or 2004, the real victims of Islamic Jihad are Christians in Muslim countries. Muslims may rail against Jews and Christians, but there no Jews they can get their murderous hands on except in Israel itself or the West. Christians OTH are a nice convenient target.

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