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Bill Maher, a man with whom I disagree with on just about every issue imaginable, has a pretty good handle on the issue of Islam. He’s a Leftist that really does understand that it’s not ”Islamofauxbia” when they really are trying to kill you. That said, I believe that the panel of speakers, (included are Chris Matthews and a CNN representative) don’t totally get the entire picture, though they come pretty close.

Their main point is true, that Islamic political/Islamic religious-political leaders do in fact wind their people up, for their own purposes. The way I view it however, is that that is the entire history of Islam in a nutshell. At no point in time throughout the history of Islam, was there not an Islamic leader ”winding the people up” for war, and/or for further subjugation of the ‘infidel’.

The present situation is not an anomaly, this is the way Islamic society has always been structured, and why it’s been so devastatingly successful throughout its history. So the actual issue is, the ease in which the Islamic system allows for manipulation of the large numbers of its somewhat moderate people, into raging fanatics, and the great successes that have resulted from it .

There is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority of Muslims throughout the world would view the insulting of Islamic symbols a punishable offense, and that given the luxury of hindsight, most of them would reject ”a reformation” of Islam in the same vein that the Catholic church underwent, knowing full well where it will lead. The right to criticize Islamic norms, and the mocking of it religious symbols.

So the panel on Maher’s show can never hope to answer the obvious question that Chris Matthews asks after he admits to all, that what they are saying about Islam is true, ”what do we do about it?” They haven’t an answer for that one, but it’s indeed obvious to the rest of us, in view of its entire history, a complete separation from it wherever possible, which in itself is a desperate measure, and nearly an impossible thing to do, but it has to be discussed and implemented. It’s the fundamental right to discriminate, especially in the context of societal/cultural survival.

Click the link to the Maher video at Real Clear Politics and watch the vid.


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  1. Maher will lose his teeth when he meets Todd P. What an arrogant idiot.

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