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It being a coordinated attack was true all along.

The attack on the ambassador was never the result of a bunch of Muslim malcontents pissed off over a US anti-Mohamed film, it was as I stated early on once the facts startled trickling in. Ambassador Stevens, a long time cheerleader of the very radicals that ended up murdering him, may have played a role in his own death, naively believing (after all the support he had given them) that these thugs… actually had his back.

Eh…no, they didn’t, in spite of all his outreach to the Islamic world..

NOTE: All the lies come spilling out for the world to see, political expediency triumphs over truth for the Obama administration, desperate to hide a major a boondoggle just before the coming elections. 

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  1. I dont agree with this thesis. The attacks around the world are purely because of the video.

    Therefore, we must continue to take the light of “Freedom, liberty, equality for men and women” to the rest of Muslim nations. This is the noble task our generation has been left to do.

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