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It’s highly unfortunate that the self inflicted wound of having the Democrat equivalent to the John Birch society holding the reigns of power in the White House, the leadership of the DNC and the Federal Government, (of which the latter is in fact synonymous with the Democrat party), acting like there is no financial impending doom just around the corner. It’s all fun and games, a time to party it up.

Future generations are going to look back on this period, scratch their heads and wonder how they could let such a magnificent country go down the tubes like this. The supposed ”leader of the free world” turns the US against the very same capitalism that has driven its economic engine to greatness, in exchange for government subsidies and debt.

Turning an economy into something that just a few years ago, would have been dismissed for a 3rd rate banana republic. Taking a recession (a cycle situation) and slamming it into a full blown depression, then talk up the failed policies as something to try once again if re-elected, is preposterous. The man rejects free market capitalism in favor of big government, top – down statism, with a burgeoning bureaucracy burping out legislation to regulate the economy, acting totally outside the constitution.

Folks, come on, all you Americans out there that read this blog daily, is this guy Obama really the best that you can do?

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  1. I am Australian and so cannot presume to speak about American politics in any kind of authoritative way.

    But I do follow some blogs including GOPUSA and Red State Morning Briefing that provide an insight into the thinking of Conservatives.

    It seems to me that most Republicans are in trepidation at the thought of “zero” winning in November; they are afraid the USA would then be in danger of economic collapse over the next four years.

    The concern I have is that some Christian conservatives might be inclined to stay at home rather than vote for Romney.

    But surely a Mormon President is a far better option than “zero” – even if some of Mitt Romney’s beliefs might seem somewhat strange to mainstream Christians.

    Frankly, I cannot get my head around a country that is in debt to the tune of 15 trillion dollars and even now is taking the easy option of printing a further 800 million dollars to “stimulate” the economy.

    Ultimately, the easy option of pumping more and more money into the economy is just not sustainable.

    1. Yes I share your views Raymond, as a famous commentator once said, ”I would vote for a can of orange juice over Obama ”

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