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VLAD just sent me this:

“check the chant at 2:30. By now everyone likely knows the chant about Kaybar. If not, Ill add an explanation later.”

NOTE: Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews…” refers to the time of Mohamed, when he slaughtered 90 of the Jews of Khaybar, then sent the rest later on into exile.

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  1. I disapprove of performing chimps, but this sort of mohemmadans’ grievance party footage makes me feel like a Victorian visiting the feeble minded in their asylums, smug in my sense of superior socialisation (not that I’m incapable of getting down and dirty if need be).

    Of course, when a polite society grants asylum to the likes of what we see in this footage, it springs to mind that these creatures offer amusement only when they’re safely contained in their middle eastern primate enclosures.

    I’m sure that left to their own devices they’d sort out a dominance hierarchy, engage in tribal warfare and displaced aggression, and generally keep themselves and their conspecifics in check.

    However, allowing them free access to the leafy avenues of European cities where they can perform their group monkey dance threat displays is surely a recipe for disaster; given their predilection for Judean prey items as is manifest in this footage.

    Who, I wonder, will they prey upon if they devour all the Jews?

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