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      1. Your source doesn’t tell that they were christians. Quite opposite.

  1. They always go for the weakest and most helpless to show what tough guys they are.

    1. Muslims are big talkers. They will riot, burn and murder, but they have no idea what organised violence the West is capable of.

      I remember the blood curdling talk of Arabs just prior to the Six day war, or the Gulf War I. In each case Arabs promised us that they would drown us in our own blood. But when coalition warplanes started their operations, the whole Arab world got under their beds, praying to allah to have mercy.

      Churchill sums up the West at war as British forces confronted Islamic fanatics in Sudan, “The red light of retribution played on the bayonets and the lances, and civilization—elsewhere sympathetic, merciful, tolerant, ready to discuss or to argue, eager to avoid violence, to submit to law, to effect a compromise here advanced with an expression of inexorable sternness, and rejecting all other courses, offered only the arbitration of the sword.”

      “sympathetic, merciful, tolerant, ready to discuss or to argue, eager to avoid violence, to submit to law, to effect a compromise” – is getting increasingly short. Sooner or later nothing but the sword will be offered. 9/11 has still to be avenged. The perpetrators of 9/11 were not state actors thus preventing the kind of response that Japan got. However, Islamist states can no longer claim ignorance or innocence.

  2. sick muslim bastards! We in the West occupy the moral high ground, not the murderers of innocent people and animals.

    1. Those were the same words that came to my mind – sick bastards. I don’t even call this scum animals because that insults animals. The brutality of the Muslim habits has left a filthy stain on the world’s soul.

  3. So basically you made this up just to stir shit up- loser.

    1. No, not at all. More than a few blog sites found this article from what was supposed to be a credible news source, the Nigeria News. Your argument is with the Nigeria News. Notice the blogger of this site immediately gave a correction and you tried to belittle them for their honesty.

      Marie, it looks like you are the one who is stirring the poo, just like Nigeria News. Oooooh naughty! X-P

        1. You’re very welcomed, KGS. It is the right thing to make corrections when you are a person who wants truth. I applaud you for doing so as soon as you found out. 🙂

  4. From the looks of it the cat is still alive (holding its head up). Poor, poor animal! What a bunch of sick demented savages! islam (I will never capitalise the word) is a sick, barbaric and twisted cancer on this world and we must do everything to cut out that cancer wherever it is found.

    I never wanted to witness another war but when you see how islam is corrupting the planet in every country they get a foothold, then they need eliminating one way or another.

    Given the middle east tensions right now perhaps we will face a true East vs West conflict and resolve this once and for all! Once islam and the fanatical muslim followers are wiped out in the region we can then concentrate on removing them from other countries that have suffered under their followers.

  5. These subhumans deserve to be wiped out by the Ebola virus or something similar (given the continent they are in), so that they suffer before they are die. How many countless beings, including this poor cat, have to die at the hands of muslims? How long do we have to tolerate their uncivilized behavior? We don’t need to bend our moral and ethical values to satisfy these creeps demands; new leaders have to arise in order to voice put a stop to their inhumane behavior as preached by their filthy “religion.”

  6. Attention all you Marxist, Environmentally-friendly, Feminist, anti-capitalist, vegetarian, animal-rights protesting Leftists – someone’s just crucified a cat! Where is your outrage?
    Are you still on the side of Islamists?
    Somehow, I bet that you are, you hypocrites!

  7. ha ha ha religion of PEACE is misunderstood by world again…. , after humans they have now started classifying animals as anti-religion…. really amazing teachings of such a great religion….. every one in this world should respect such a great religion…


    1. Eh…it looks like the pic is from somewhere else from a couple of years ago. I snatched it from what appears to be a genuine news website, and looking around the web, other bigger blogs committed the same error as I have. So instead of taking it down, throwing it into the memory hole (as some bigger blogs have done), which I believes adds to the propagation of the pic being connected to Muslims, I have left it up for all to see.

      That said, Fatima is entirely wrong about how Islam treats animals. The poor dog is miserably treated by many islamic cultures, because its believed to be dirty. Not to mention the poor standards in Halal slaughtering, which causes great suffering in animals.

  9. I thought that cats are liked in Islam because their “prophet” liked cats.If I were a Muslim I would have used a dog because they are considered unclean!

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