Islam Offended Norway Western Appeasement Western stooges



Knee pads and chap sticks?

Watch the vid, then ask yourself, when has any Norwegian police official ever visited a synagogue after Judaism has been defamed in one way or another, or ever visited a Buddhist temple after one of their temples was burned by the ROP in Burma and elsewhere?

I’ll give you a clue, never. The only reason he’s there is to stave off any rioting they might do, with the most pathetic display of verbal massaging he could muster:

“Please, please, pretty please don’t get any ideas, we respect Islam, we hate any expression of contempt for Islam, we bow our heads to Islam, so just don’t do anything rash here in Norway. Pretty please”

H/T: Vlad

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  1. Not so in Sydney, Australia.

    The Premier of NSW – a state the population size of Finland – today gave the NSW Police Force carte blanche to employ whatever measure of physical force is required to prevent the kind of violence and destruction perpetrated by Muslims in the Central Business District of Sydney, including water cannon.

    Unlike the pathetic Norwegians, we just won’t cop this kind of rubbish

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