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It’s not like I haven’t said the same things here, repeatedly. Finally academics are starting to see the blunt reality the rest of has have been reporting on for years, that multi-culturalism is a the great divider of society, not the protector of societal cohesion.

NOTE: Minorities are protected by default, in a state that guarantees individual sovereignty, individual freedoms and rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Multiculturalism ‘past its sell-by date’ warns race expert

Using taxpayers’ money to fund projects run by religious or ethnic community groups is turning Britain into a divided society, the author of the report on the Oldham riots has warned.

Prof Ted Cantle said that the idea of multiculturalism in Britain is now “well past its sell-by date” and is often doing more harm than good.

He accused the Government of fuelling separation in communities rather than bringing people together by allowing small groups to claim “special status” – and with it funding – amounting to a form of state-sponsored segregation.

Councils and police are also giving undue legitimacy to “self-appointed leaders” in some areas by inviting them to endless meetings and consulting them on their views and allowing them to become “gatekeepers to their communities”, he warned.

Meanwhile grants from government funding pots, councils and charities have allowed thousands of separate community groups to grow up representing their own interests and reinforcing separation, he said.

He accused David Cameron of failing to live up to a pledge to tackle “state multiculturalism”.

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