Islam in the UK



You see how it works? Muslims offend on a daily basis, but only they are demanding special rights not to be offended by anyone else.

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  1. All this barbaric Muslim violence all over the world on 911 was supposedly caused by a bad movie that was there months before. Even though this was one of the worst videos in term of production, it was not far from the truth in representing crimes committed by Muhammad. A more accurate representation of the horrible atrocity caused by Muhammad would be a really long movie.

    Muslim stupid logic 101:
    One of the most horrible thing = Almost truthful representation of Muhammad as a murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, liar, cheater, robber, and so much more negative things… A more accurate movie would have been too much to handle. If you have a problem with that, it’s not the video but with the prophet and Islam itself.
    Good deeds added to heavenly reward of eternal orgasm with 72 virgins (in addition little boys if they are pedophiles) in a x-rated paradise = Go on a violent rampage and killing spree to demand everyone respect their dispicable prophet Muhammad.

    Notice, the Religion of Hate and Muslims are the only people to consistently and world wide go on a violent rampage. You do not see this type of behaviour in followers of other religions and other people. Muslims have so much hate in them that they can release it in rage at any moment because hate is all that Islam teaches.

    Muslims demand respect and for everything. It’s a one way street with Muslims. What have they done for non-Muslims? What about all the crimes committed against humanity by Muslims for 1400 years against 270 million people slayed by the sword of Islam?

    I hope everyone will realize that Muslims are here to dominate as they have always stated. It’s very real! To Muslims there have always been a holy war against all others for 1400 years. It will continue to be that way no matter what. We must take it seriously and defend ourselves against these Muslim savages.

    Keep them out of your country because they will go on violent rampages demanding for everything to be the Islam way. They will do so until they have subjugated everyone to Islam. What do you think happened to all the minority in Muslim majority countries? They continue to shrink and they will be totally wiped out by the barbaric Muslims through forced conversion and killing, as they only have two choices either convert or be killed.

    We must speak up to the atrocities of Islam so that everyone will know the truth. They are trying to silence us with their violence. Our freedom of speech is the most important thing for us to defend ourselves. We should speak the truth of the horrible Muhammad and Islam, but Muslims have no answer so they do what they do best is intimidate us with violence and killing.

    We must defend our freedom of speech and we must not be silenced. Our best weapon is to spread the truth of the atrocities caused by Muhammad and Islam. People must know about political Islam. That way we know who Islam is the enemy so we can defend ourselves. Also, so that most Muslims can realize that their not so holy prophet was a person that committed crimes against humanity and leave this despicable religion and join the rest of humanity. More and more Muslims will leave Islam when they know the truth. Those that know the truth but don’t leave Islam are horrible indeed because they are supporting it and further advancing it. Muslims and terrorist Muslims want the same thing and that is for Islam to dominate the world. Islam must be rejected.

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