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  1. Lovely production! Yes, thank God for His providence indeed. But where is God in the minds of Europeans today? Are the churches full? Has belief in man supplanted belief in a Creator? Because the Nation of Islam now seems to be poised to receive a consolation award for their Vienna defeat in the form of European domination that seems well on its way. But for other lands it is the same story. Even the USA has moh rats tunneling under its foundations – freedom, representation, leadership, speech, military, education, and all the other pillars of our society…we quietly tiptoe in your dhimi steps. What used to be may never be again, but I, for one, am willing to bleed out if it saves but one of my yet-to-be-born grandchildren from ever having to beat their forehead into the ground to worship a monster.

  2. It’s nice to know that ingenuity can overcome Muslim backwardness.
    In your face, Muslims!
    Where was your false god Allah then, when you needed him?

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