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  1. Dr. Bill,
    Through an independent six-year study, just as you say, I reached the very same conclusions. I had my manuscript sanity-checked by ex-Muslims and missionaries to Islamic States. The result is The Heart of Islam.
    I teach Islam at civic associations and a local university. Surprisingly, no church group has yet to approve a presentation.
    You told your audience you’d email them your slides upon request. Consider me a positive force in your audience and email me the slides. (You can see some of the slides I currently use on my website.)
    Thanks and best regards,
    Stephen Blanton

  2. Great having this Video available with German subtitles. Good job.

    Whoever did it: thank you.

    1. Thanks Klaus, it was joint effort by Vlad Tepes and others in the anti-Islamization movement. Warner’s material needs as wide of dissemination as possible.

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