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Those who even think to prosecute anyone for writing a book The illness of the Prophet , let alone talking about Mohamed’s mental illness, are sick themselves. It’s called the ”political correctness syndrome”.

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Germany: Professor Under Criminal Investigation for Book About Mohammed’s Mental Illness

Islam versus Europe 10 September 2012

According to the German website Politically Incorrect, Dr. Armin Geus, emeritus professor of medical history at the University of Marburg, who wrote a book exploring the possibility that Mohammed, the supposed founder of Islam, had been suffering from a mental illness, is now under investigation for “Incitement to hatred against peoples” and “Insulting faiths, religious communities and philosophical associations”. The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed by the Saudi-controlled Wahhabist centre, the King Fahd Academy.

The professor’s book “Die Krankheit des Propheten” [The Illness of the Prophet] (ISBN 978-3-941365-15-5) came to the conclusion that Mohammed suffered from paranoid-hallucinatory schizophrenia. I haven’t read the book, but Geus is a serious academic, recognised in his field. The question of whether Mohammed suffered from a mental illness should be a legitimate subject for scientific inquiry. But not where Muslims, and their apologists, hold sway. Where Islam spreads, freedom dies.

Unusually for PI items, there is no link to a primary news source for this story, but the website is usually reliable.

Source: PI

UPDATE: A few people have requested the contact details for the Marburg prosecutor’s office (Staatsanwaltschaft Marburg), so here they are.

Address: 35037 Marburg, Universitätsstraße 48
Tel.: 06421 / 290 – 0
Fax: 06421 / 290 – 211

They give a few email addresses on their website but say explicitly that they are only concerned with the website itself and should not be used for other matters. Here they are anyway:

Hessisches Ministerium der Justiz, für Integration und Europa
Referat für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Luisenstraße 13
65185 Wiesbaden

If you really want to register a protest against the investigation, your German embassy would be another option.

As far as I know, the book is not available in English.

Amazon description of the book beneath the fold (google trans)

How does a devout Muslim that he worships the right God? And where does he get the belief that Allah is not only one of many gods, but the only God? Because it is said in the Koran. The Koran should again not have been invented by Muhammad, but by Allah, the ‘Lord of the Worlds,’ itself (Sura 10, 37) are from. And so rests the belief system of Muslims that Muhammad reflect the Archangel Gabriel dictated texts faithfully. But what if there were whispers of Satan? And what about the veracity of the Qur’an, when Muhammad was an impostor, or mentally ill? It would be possible that Allah has served concerning the delivery of its messages of a mentally ill prophets. Nevertheless, this would undermine the credibility of the Qur’an and to raise the question differentiate how the Mohammed’schen revelations of the inspirations of other prophets and of the hallucinations of psychiatric patients. Islam is thus based essentially on the credibility of his prophets, hysterical part of the explained and murderous reactions that triggered Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and even harmless Muhammad cartoons. And precisely for this reason must seek any serious criticism of Islam at this crucial point. Given the widespread reluctance to do so, it can not be overstated that Armin Geus has seen the many signs of serious mental illness of the Prophet without false consideration and ideological blinkers and evaluated. Already at the time of Muhammad circulated corresponding assumptions , as is clear from the denials contained in the Koran itself. It is said, for example, the prophet was ‘not obsessed’ (81, 22). The Byzantine historian and theologian Theophanes Confessor (765-815) interpreted the revelations and visions of Muhammad as a disease and then they diagnosed as epilepsy. Later, a number of additional assumptions about the nature of the illness of the Prophet was expressed. The spectrum ranges from a tumor of the anterior pituitary (acromegaly) a narcissistic personality disorder and symptoms of poisoning.Armin Geus itself is a result of many clues to the conclusion that Muhammad suffered from a ‘paranoid-hallucinatory schizophrenia defined by delusions and hallucinations characteristic’. And so does the Koran as a ‘chronicle a history’ (p. 74-75) read. The detailed discussion of the various diagnoses Armin Geus supplemented by information on the character of Muhammad. In addition to the traditions about his life, especially the Allah, Muhammad’s alter ego, attributed characteristics are a rich mine. The resulting picture is not flattering. The constant haggling evidence of a ‘petty-minded person’, the ruthless selfishness, sadism and pedophilia Muhammad are further indications of serious character deficiency. Disease of the Prophet of the Marburg medical historian Armin Geus is a bold, interesting and important book that a lot too realistic assessment of Islam contributes. It provides crucial background information, suggested by the religion of Mohammed from the character of its founder and prophet delusion. Thus, it does not explain everything about Islam, but without this aspect much remains obscure. This book is available from the Basilisk Press and directly supervised by Prof. Dr. Armin Geus, PO Box 561, 35017 Marburg. 

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