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Human rights organizations and those that promote them, are cultural relativists seeking to usurp sovereign power at the expense of the individual, and the states in which they reside. They are packed to the brim with the ”open borders” mindset who care not for the civil rights of the people they are imposing upon, for the sake of implementing their human rights agenda.

Czech president Vlaclav Klaus gave an important speech to the Mont Perelin Society that related his fears that he (we, who think like him) are presently on the losing side. It is well worth the read.

NOTE: For the Finnish readers of the TT, my good buddy Kumitonttu (h/t) has it translated into Finnish here.


Already in the past, I feared the gradual shifting away from civil rights to human rights, which has been taking place for quite some time. I feared the ideology of human-rightism, but did not anticipate the consequences of this doctrine. Human-rightism is an ideology that has nothing in common with practical issues of the individual freedom and of free political discourse. It is about entitlements. Classical liberals and libertarians do not emphasize enough that the rights interpreted in this way are against freedom and the rational functioning of society.

Human rights are in fact a revolutionary denial of civil rights. They do not need any citizenship. That is also why human-rightism calls for the destruction of the sovereignty of individual countries, particularly in today’s Europe. Positive human rights also contributed heavily to the present era of political correctness with all its destructive force.[7]

4. Related to human-rightism and political correctness is the massive advancement of another contemporary alternative or substitute for democracy, juristocracy. Every day we witness political power being taken away from elected politicians and shifted to unelected judges.[8] “Modern judicial activism is in many ways an expression of the old belief that democracy must be tempered by aristocracy” (p. 17), in other words that democracy without a certain “chosenness” (i.e. unelectedness) of this judicial aristocracy cannot function well. It is also worthwhile to realise that “the main method how this judicial activism is implemented is the path of rights” (ibid.), yet it is not the path of civil rights, but rather human rights. All that is a part of an illusion about potential (and desirable) abolition of politics, in other words of democracy. Juristocracy is another step towards the establishment of a post-political society.

Read it all here.

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  1. As a general stance, I confess to not having much time for politicians.

    Snouts in the trough and many not worth feeding.

    But if Vlaclav Klaus ever knoocked on my front door, I would treat him like royality.

  2. This man has his head screwed on.

    Cultural Marxism demands that we treat parasites from hostile nations and cults better than our own people, that their ‘human rights’ somehow supersede ours. That must end, right now.

    1. I agree Sheik, Klaus is a burning lamp on the dark European continent. Human rights scam has gone on long enough.

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