Islam in Denmark



The ruling ”self anointed elite”: Cultural enrichment, embrace it, even when it slams against your front door.

Vlad: Muslim immigrants threaten and harass elderly in Scandinavia

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  1. What a lamentable situation when senior citizens can’t relax and enjoy their daily lives without this kind of harassment and disrespect.

    It ‘s seems like wherever you go in Europe, the life style of citizens takes a down hill turn when the Muslim community reaches a critical mass in any area.

    Even worse is the lack of political will to confront and addresss this kind of problem.

    Basically it comes down to cowardice and fear of the Muslim mob mentality.

    Will the pendulum begin to swing back in due course?

    Probably not, as long as those responsible for law and order at the local community level are too fearful to take the action needed – and are otherwise deaf and blind to the social issues that cry out for prompt redress.

    Of even greater concern is the certainty that at some stage the kind of destructive, antisocial, contemptuous, and sometimes violent behaviour of Muslim gangs will lead to wider incidents of violence that could have been contained and neutralised but for cowardly politically correct politicans and bureaucrats.

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