This is what happens when you promise utopia as a right.

Given the amount of un-assimilated immigrants, the absolutely great job the socialists have done its orchestrating its top town tyranny of a welfare state, the lack luster monolithic media and oppressive academy, does it really come as a surprise?

H/T Fjordman: From HRS 

Dictatorship rather than democracy

28.08.12: Almost one in three young people in Sweden want democracy to dispose of the boat and dictatorship introduced. This percentage doubled since the last survey in 2005. Who’s to blame for the declining support for democracy? School responds researchers.

Date published: 8/28/2012 1 Last time edited: 8/28/2012 1

Hege Storhaug, HRS

23 percent of young people in Sweden think democracy is a bad idea. This is a threefold increase since 2005. 30 percent would rather have a strong leader who can provide not care about the people and the parliament’s voice., Doubling since the same survey in 2005, reported Sydsvenskan . Researchers characterize the development as “very scary”, and decided to try to find out what is the basis for the anti-democratic developments. For example, the financial crisis could be ruled out as the cause, since similar results have not been looking in the crisis-hit Spain. Furthermore, the unemployment, ethnic origin, religion, sex, income, participation in seminars, and political awareness, little effect.

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  1. I wonder what they think a dictatorship actually is. You know what, let’s send them to North-Korea for a few weeks and see if they like it there 😉

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