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  1. It seems to me that banning a religion would be a bad precedent.

    First of all, Sweden doesn’t have to open its doors to Muslim immigrants. That isn’t banning a religion.

    Second of all, Sweden CAN place reasonable restraints on the incorporation of Sharia into public law. That doesn’t ban Islam; it merely relegates it to its modernist role. In the modernist role, it is understood that Sharia is not a useful legal and government model for a modern democratic, industrial society.

    I think the Founding Fathers of the U.S.A. found the right words in our 1st Amendment where we say that government doesn’t respect religion OR interfere with the free practice thereof.

    Of course, when a certain religion becomes a petro-dollar-fueled imperialistic, totalitarian death cult, even the U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment doesn’t have the complete answer. This is something a majority of Americans have not fully comprehended yet. Unfortunately, some of the more infamous Islamo-phobic ranters in the blogsphere have failed to articulate this dilemma.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC)

    1. Oh I hear you. There is no easy answer for liberal democracies, especially for those who adhere to the notion that Islam (despite the obvious problems with it) is like any other religion. That said TINSC, I do not think wise to use the Muslim Brotherhood’s coined term of ”Islamophobe/Islamophobia”, They are not a race, anymore than a Christian or a Buddhist are. It’s been concocted solely to squelch any/all criticism of Islam itself, while they try to ease themselves into the undeserved role of ”victim”.

  2. Good luck to Par Norling. Banning Islam and expelling all Muslims (all 451,000 of them) will be very difficult.

    1) Will all aspects of Islam be banned or only some? For example, will teetotalism be criminalised?
    2) Will cultural/secular Muslims be expelled?
    3) Where will Par Norling expel white ethnic Swedish Muslims to?
    4) How will Par Norling deal with the problem of crypto-Muslims? During the Inquisition, Jews and Muslims pretended to be Christian in order to avoid deportation.


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