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The dolts were too concerned with heeding to multiculturalism and ”interfaith dialogue” to actually take heed of his wise warning. Future generations of ‘former westerners’ in Europe are going to curse this generation of fools for what they were. Morons.

From IslamVS.Europe:

Lebanese Archbishop Tries to Warn German Dhimmi Catholics that Islam Will Conquer Europe

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this one. A harsh gust of truth from the frontlines is followed by a re-affirmation of dhimmitude and “interfaith dialogue”.

The Mülheimer parish St. Mariae Geburt had a trying guest on Sunday: Archbishop Flavien Joseph Melki, high representative of the Syrian-Catholic church in Lebanon, celebrated a Pontifical mass in the parish church. Even the 81-year-old’s sermon given in French, translated into German bit by bit made it clear: here is a man who divides the world harshly in Christians and Muslims. Here the threatened minority, there an aggressive religion, whose young representatives are best converted in his view.

The Holy Mass was followed by a reception in the Catholic social centre on the church hill: here in front of 30 parish members Melki evoked the danger of a belligerent Islam, that – driven by polygamy, large numbers of children and financial support from the “oil states” – threatens to conquer European within 50 to 100 years. 

Dean Michael Janssen, who later conceded that he had not known the Archbishop would express his point of view so strongly, intervened with placatory tones during the discussion round: “In Mülheim”, said Janssen, “we have a very good interfaith dialogue.”

He expressly mentioned the art project planned for the 5th of September “Angel of cultures”, in which Christian, Jewish and Muslim representatives will work together. He speaks with many Muslims, said Janssen, among whom there are moderate and fundamentalist people: “Fundamentalism is the death of any religion and, if we’re being honest, we Catholics have our fundamentalists too.”

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  1. In 50 – 100 years?

    Its happening now. There are places where you wonder whether you’re still in Europe or in some middle eastern bazaar.

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