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Not only is it in violation of the peace treaty with Israel, but they never even bothered to inform them of the move. Another point worth raising is the fact that Muslim Brotherhood regime is busy tracking down the Army of Islam in the Sinai, as far as I know, the AOI doesn’t have any planes. Cairo is using the situation (in concert with Iran) to move its pieces on the chess board with the Jewish state.

A private source (weapons analyst) tells me that:

“The type of anti-air missiles being moved into the Sinai is important to know. They have the Patriot Pac-3 with a range of 160 km, which would cover Israel in its entirety if deployed near the border.The SA-2 Guideline (former Soviet) and the US-made I-HAWK are the backbone of Egypt’s air defense network.  Their ranges are about 50km.  They could also reach into Israel if deployed close enough to the border.”

Egypt Reportedly Sets up Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Sinai Desert


“Morsi is now the head of the executive branch, and he appoints and dissolves governments in Egypt, [but] he is also the legislative branch in the absence of a parliament. and [can] … enact any law he wants.,” said Dr. Guy Bechor, one of Israel’s top Arab affairs experts.

“The new Egyptian leader is also in charge of foreign policy, domestic policy, security, economy and more,” added Bechor, who specializes in legal and journalistic analysis of Arab society at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya.

“He finalizes international agreements, interprets the constitution, and has the power to appoint a taskforce that will draft a new constitution. And so, after a year and a half of semi-anarchy, Egypt is once again a country ruled by one person – a dictatorship.”

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  1. Giving the Sinai back to Egypt for “peace” was a massive strategic blunder that Israel will be paying for for decades. Something like this happens every time Israel gives up land. They left Gaza, and were rewarded for it with thousands of missille attacks from Gaza-based terrorists that continue to this day.

    The goal of the Arabs has always been and will always be the utter destruction of Israel. It isn’t about land, “Palestine”, or anything else. I wish the lefty Kumbaya-types who continue to enable the terrorists could get this through their thick skulls.

  2. It should be clear for everyone by now that Egypt instigated the attack on the border-guards them self only to use it as an excuse for moving large military forces in to Sinai.

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