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Lapplanders now have more than reindeer on their minds.

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The long days pose a particular problem for fasting Muslims like Shah Jalal Miah Masud.

Shah Jalal Miah Masud

It doesn’t get dark. It always looks the same. The sun is always on the horizon”

The 28-year-old moved to Rovaniemi – 830km (515 mile) north of the capital, Helsinki – from Bangladesh five years ago to study IT. He has not had any food or water for 21 hours. And he laughs.

“It doesn’t get dark. It always looks like the same, the sun is always on the horizon and it’s quite difficult to get what the time is actually right now,” he says.

It is 11 o’clock in the evening and the sun has only just dipped below the horizon. The sky has turned a beautiful deep, rich blue. This is as dark as it will get, then the sun will rise again in five hours.

Masud says it is difficult to fast according to Finnish time and admits he is tired. But despite the hunger and fatigue, he says it is a pleasure to observe Ramadan during the long Finnish days.

There is another option which reduces the number of fasting hours – mark its duration by the rising and setting of the sun in countries far to the south of Finland. Dr Abdul Mannan – a local Imam and president of the Islam Society of Northern Finland – says there are two schools of thought.

“The Egyptian scholars say that if the days are long – more than 18 hours – then you can follow the Mecca time or Medina time, or the nearest Muslim country time,” says Dr Mannan.

“The other (point of view) from the Saudi scholars says whatever the day is – long or short – you have to follow the local time.”

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  1. Good Lord, the cult of the moon-god has oozed its way up there now? Is nowhere sacred anymore?

    A few years ago a Muslim troll from Norway was floating around on Facebook. In keeping with various other little provocations, his profile pic showed five Arab “youths” standing proudly somewhere in the Norwegian wilderness in front of snow-capped mountains, wearing green jihadi headbands printed with Arabic slogans and holding rifles. The intent of the picture was obvious: to broadcast the message that this land now belonged to them as the new conquerors of the Scandinavian North.

    I wanted to tell him that the picture of him and his friends standing with their terrorist headbands like that on fields that my ancestors had travelled for unknown generations made me feel exactly the way he would feel if he saw someone using pages out of the koran to wrap pork sausage in. I decided not to, it would have been a waste of time. He probably would’ve been gratified to know how deeply he offended me.

  2. I would say to all Muslims that you can’t argue with Muslim scripture. To do so is blasphemous – no excuses, so the Saudis are right!
    Now send all the Muslims to live in the Arctic, wait for Ramadan to fall during midsummer when the Sun doesn’t set for weeks and watch them all die! If any of them cheat by drinking or eating when they should n’ t, then they will surely burn in Hell!
    Beat the Muslims at their own game and remind them that only apostates and shirkers break the rules of ramalamading-dong.

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