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There are some bright and articulate politicians that I admire, like, Congressman Allen West, Michelle Bachmann who speak their minds on Islam, but many simply do not for a variety of reasons, like cowardice, ignorance and vote pandering.

That is bad enough, but what this democrat clown governor of Illinois did at arecent  ramadadingdongdoo event went way past being ‘respectful’ to full (i’ll say fool) participation in an Islamic service. It’s like a non-Muslim woman donning a hijab while visiting a Muslim country or a mosque here in the west.

NOTE: The question is, did he go down on his knees as well?

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  1. And in NYC, the Empire State Building was lit up with green floodlights last weekend in honor of the end of Rama-lama-ding-dong. In the same city where more than 3,000 innocent people were murdered in the name of Islam 11 years ago.

    I wonder what real American leaders from the past like Lincoln, FDR, and Truman would have thought about this. They probably would’ve concluded that America had gone completely insane.

    If you cut out all the liberal apologia and politically-correct BS, the bare facts of the matter are that America continues to go out of its way to honor a religion-cum-political ideology that is irreconcilably opposed to the most cherished and hard-won ideals of the West, whose adherents have killed thousands of Americans, and whose most powerful leaders are calling for the destruction of America and everything it stands for.

    It’s insane, and it’s heart-breaking. No nation that celebrates its greatest enemies can hope to endure for long.

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