Anti-Semitism in Sweden Malmö



In the multicultural nirvana of Malmö

But where was the mayor of Malmö Sweden at? Cold feet for sticking up for the Jewish minority in his city? Apparently he doesn’t want to run afoul of his voting constituency.

NOTE: Malmö was the hotbed for Swedish support of German national socialism during WW II. Nothing has changed we can assume.

The golden quote:

In 2010, Malmo Mayor Ilmar Reepalu said that a group of Jews in Malmo who were attacked by Swedish Muslims during a peaceful protest in support of Israel brought the violence upon themselves for not distancing themselves from Israel and its actions during the monthlong Gaza War in 2008-09.

Kippa walk in Malmo, Sweden

Some Jews have gotten together and openly flaunted their Jewishness in heavily Muslim Malmo, Sweden. reports:

(JTA) – Several hundred kipah-wearing Jews and non-Jews marched in Sweden as a sign of solidarity with Malmo’s Jews.

Some 400 marchers gathered Saturday outside the synagogue in Malmo and walked to Mollevangs Square, a part of the city with many Muslim immigrants from the Middle East.

Speakers included Brigitta Ohlsson, minister for European Affairs; Willy Silberstein, head of the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism; Social Democratic politician Lucian Astudillo; and Jehoshua Kaufman of the Jewish Community of Malmo.

“The idea is to show ourselves and others that we refuse to be afraid or hide our Jewish affiliation,” Fredrik Sieradzki, director of communications for the Jewish community of Malmo, told JTA before the march.

Earlier this year, a rabbi from Malmo was physically assaulted.

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  1. Now waiting for the fascist Left + Islamofascists statement.
    These Jews are extreme Right Wing. Their act is highly provocative, and will upset the peace between the religious communities.

    1. There is no “peace” between religious communities in Malmö. Standing up for who you are and refusing to be intimidated is not “far right wing”, except when it’s done by opponents and victims of Muslims and the Loony Left.

      If there really were several hundred extreme right-wing Jews in Malmö, you can bet your kebab that Malmö Muslims would think twice about even looking at a Jew funny ever again.

  2. This was good to see. I’m glad you reported it. I think it is a compelling and important story.

    Your criticism of Malmo’s mayor is reasonable. I think most American mayors would have joined such a gathering under similar circumstances; regardless of anything they said before that was stupid.

    1. Thanks TINSC, you hit the nail on the head. This is a mayor (and there are more like him just waiting to be the mayor of that city) who is an anti-Semite, and has taken to pandering to his Muslim base with full commitment.

  3. This is a response I commented anonymously in another blog in response to an article about this same story that was originally published in Haaretz. I submitted the same response to Haaretz, which was probably a waste of time, given their loony-left editorial orientation. They didn’t publish it.
    + + + + +

    I’m actually amazed that someone like Birgitta Ohlsson showed up, based on statements and opinions of hers I’ve seen published here and there.

    Notably absent: Malmö’s anti-semitic, Muslim-pandering Mayor Ilmar Reepalu; other city authorities; and local Muslim leaders, from what I can see of the pictures.

    If the small Muslim population of a given Western city was being persecuted and driven out as vindictively as Malmö’s Jews are, the ADL and other Jewish groups would be falling all over themselves to support them, politicians would be literally parachuting into the Town Square from airplanes to thunder denunciations of “Islamophobia”, and the national media would erupt in cries of outrage as if the ghost of Hermann Goering had just dumped a bucket of llama crap on their heads and then asked for five dollars.

    Many of Malmö’s Jews are the descendants of Danish and other European Jews who the Swedish government saved from Hitler’s death camps by extending asylum to them at a time when few others would. This was in the days when political asylum was just that, and hadn’t yet degraded into a profit-driven industry targeted at public-benefits shoppers from the upper classes of poor nations, in an unending cycle of futility and cynicism whereby the poor of rich Western nations are systematically deprived in order to benefit the rich of poor non-Western nations.

    The article also doesn’t point out that the march is a direct reaction to endemic, long-term persecution of Malmö’s Jewish community by racist Muslim immigrants – which local authorities have done nothing to stop – and that hundreds of Malmö’s Jews have already left for Israel to escape the atmosphere of intimidation and hate.

    And when they get to Israel, of course, they have to worry about terrorist groups composed of other racist Muslims. To add insult to injury, Hamas and some related groups actually receive political and financial support from the governments of Sweden and Norway.

  4. PS: And is that a Roma beggar I see with her cup out at bottom left?

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