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I took this picture of Father Samuel during the conference, he sat behind me. He’s a strong supporter of the Jewish state of Israel. Having studied the koran and hadiths for over 40 years, and having lived in Muslim countries for almost the same number of years, he knows what he talks about.

Transcript via: Gates of Vienna:

0:37 I must speak French if you permit…
0:45 Freedom of speech and sharia, as already perfectly said by Mr. Jansen.
0:51 I lived 35 years in Arabo-Muslim countries.
0:58 I studied Islam almost 40 years,
1:04 I came here (to Belgium). I dared to say: “One mosque in Europe is worse (more dangerous) than a nuclear plant.”
1:19 I also dared to say: “A well Islamized Muslim child is a timed bomb against little European children.”
1:37 Luck, or misfortune, I’ve been sued.
1:45 The trial lasted almost 6 years, I had 4 barristers,
1:52 All went well and we won.
1:58 Politically correct thinkers and European journalists were angry about this victory.
2:07 They were thinking that we had to lose, that they (the judges) were going to shut our mouths, our freedom of speech.
2:17 I think Mr. Jansen spoke very well on the topic of Sharia; I will add a word about Sharia.
2:24 Sharia is against atheists, Jews, our friends the Jews, and Christians.
2:43 Fight, kill all who don’t believe in Allah, the Muslim’s god. Chapter 9 verse 29 of the Koran.
2:57 Concerning our friends the Jews: The Koran says chap 31 v 61, this is Sharia! Be they cursed, kill them everywhere you’ll find them, without mercy.
3:16 Concerning the poor Christians, they are miscreants, when you meet them either kill them in a big slaughter chap 47 v 4 of the Koran.
3:33 And that’s also Sharia.
3:37 Mohammed’s words, the Hadith, I studied Islam during 40 years and I know what I’m talking about.
3:47 With a great historian, Johan Bourlard, he is here, we wrote this historic dictionary of Islamic intolerance,
4:05 2000 pages. When we talk, we know our subject.
4:12 Bat Ye’or, whom we love very much, wrote this book’s preface. It took years to write it.
4:24 Bat Ye’or’s testimony for father Samuel Boniface, missionary: “For father Samuel, my brother in dhimmitude. We are dhimmis if we don’t want.
4:40 My brother in dhimmitude who felt, experienced and studied of dhimmitude’s sufferings and who’s not afraid to talk about it in the name of the persecuted.
4:53 With all my thanks for his courageous defense of Israel.”
4:58 We love Israel, the only democratic country in Middle East, in which Christians are not killed.
5:11 Where Christians are free, in contrast to all other Islamic countries, where Christians have no freedom even to live nor to have freedom of speech.
5:22 Often are slaughtered, insulted, defamed.
5:25 And I can tell you, 42 people from my family were killed in 1915.
5:33 That’s Islamic tolerance.
5:36 No, in Islam there is no Peace nor Love nor Tolerance. It’s hate of others but we have to love them.
5:44 As human beings, we have to love them. It’s natural.
5:53 Here there is something very interesting for our friend (David) Littman.
5:58 In 2010… Er… 4 four years ago when I met him, he told to me: “In the name of ?? Israel, pray over my head.”
6:10 I put my hands on his head and it’s true, he came to assist my holy mass, Catholic in Latin, French and Aramaic.
6:18 And he said: “Father Samuel has lengthened my life by four years.” And finally, it’s life, the human being is born to die.
6:29 The human being is born to die and we must be tolerant naturally.
6:34 But tolerance must be with reciprocity. For me, tolerance is humanity’s soul. But alas, in Islam there is no tolerance.
6:43 There is always taqiyya. Taqiyya is deceit.
6:49 There is an invasion of Europe guided from outside, carefully planned by our leaders, some of our leaders.
6:59 In order for Islam to replace Judaism, Christianity here in the Western world.
7:05 We must say no.
7:27 When David Littman came, he read the chapter 1, God bless Israel, and I said to him: “Jesus said in the Gospel (chap 4, v 22) “Salvation comes from Jews”
7:41 (showing projected pictures) Here Bat Ye’or on one side and Littman on the other side. He was very happy.
7:55 I said “Glory to the folk of Israel” A democratic country in the middle of 300 million Muslims.
8:07 The only democratic country, the only country featuring free Christians, the only country where Christians are not killed.
8:14 But alas, the Western media always unjustly attack Israel, it’s a shame.

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  1. Excellent – it’s to share with everyone – a mosque is not like visiting a church or a synagogue Samuel doesn’t have to be the only one, yes we are hated and seen as ‘intolerant’ by discussing its evilness, but, as Thomas Mann states:

    “tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil” and the Mohomet’s words, actions ie the Qur;;an and ahaddith are evil, and it is a crime to accommodate it in any way.

    1. good question WTD, that would be the next obvious step to take.

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