Islam in the Netherlands



Folks, this goes on in one form or another each and every day. How the good people of the Netherlands stand any of this is beyond me. There has to be a breaking point.

From: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands

Via RTV Utrecht

Youngsters Terrorize Beach

Visitors at the beach in the Haarijnseplas in Utrecht are being terrorized by Moroccan youngsters.

Recently, there were nine complaints about theft, aggression and sexual intimidation.

Last year during the whole summer there were only three incidents.

The municipality refuses to levy entrance fees which would prevent many troublemakers from entering.

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  1. I would like to see every single Muslim immigrant turfed out of Europe. There should be no compromise!

  2. Muslims in Australia were doing the same thing a couple years ago. Unlike the oh-so-tolerant Dutch, Australian whites started fighting back. It eventually escalated to the point of full-blown riots on the beaches.

    Belgium has also experienced harassment and attacks by Muslim immigrants at public beaches. They solved the problem in one case by fencing off the entire beach and instituting a strict policy of ID checks.

    Why are so many Muslims such total assholes? In so many different ways, they pick and they pick and they pick at people who have done them no wrong. When their victims stand up for themselves and push back, the Muslims whine that they’re the victims of racists and bigots. Project much?

  3. PS: I’ve heard that in North African countries like Algeria, to visit the beach after dark is to take your life in your hands. Such visitors, both foreigners and indigenous locals, run a sizeable risk of being robbed, raped, or murdered by criminal gangs. In some cases, men have also been raped. Immigrants from these areas simply exporting their culture to our own beaches now.

    Isn’t diversity wonderful?

  4. The Dutch wanted Muslim immigration. Now they’ve got it. What are they complaining about?

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