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I published yesterday a translation of the actual article here, it’s about time that the Norwegian media take a hold of their senses. This was the first sign of a crack in their stranglehold on the monopoly of the truth.


In an email to The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, a leading Israeli authority on Norwegian anti-Semitism, wrote, “The Dagbladet article exposes that European multiculturalism is partly characterized by looking away as much as possible from crimes committed by Muslims in the Muslim world.

Many Western progressives are also humanitarian racists.

That means that non-Western criminals should not be held responsible for their deeds.

Thus there is also little interest in their victims. During [2006’s Operation] Cast Lead Norwegian government sources paid for the trip of two extreme leftist Dr. Mads Gilbert and Eric Fosse to Gaza.

Though they became vile Hamas propagandists, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called them up saying that the whole of Norway stood behind them. There is no such mileage in the many ‘Arabs murder Arabs’ realities.”

Gilbert did not return multiple Post emails and telephone calls seeking a comment.

More here.

NOTE: Gilbet & Fosse being fawned upon by the Norwegian media during a press conference for the release of their new taxpayer subsidized book, which covered their taxpayer subsidized role in being western mouthpieces for the Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas, during Operation Cast Lead.

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  1. Those two look like characters out of Hieronymous Bosch’s vision of Hell!!

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