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This would be a great story if these Muslim fundamentalists (believers in Islam 101) are no longer allowed back in, that they have to remain in Egypt. Also, the same phenomenon will happen if sharia is no longer allowed to be practiced in the West.

NOTE: Also noteworthy is that this explodes the nonsense myth that the MB are moderates, their fundamentalist approach to Islam attracting massive waves of fundamentalists to their shores.

H/T: Fjordman

Radical Salafists considered violent by Germany’s security services have been leaving Germany in droves in the past weeks, wrote the magazine. But rather than traveling to the conflict zone in Pakistan and Afghanistan, they are increasingly heading for Egypt, a high ranking security official told Der Spiegel.

The Islamists are believed to be following in the footsteps of the Austrian hate-speech cleric Mohamed Mahmoud, 27, the leader of the Millatu Ibrahim network banned by authorities in June. Mahmoud left Germany in the spring, preempting his impending expulsion, wrote the magazine.

Security officials told the magazine they had intercepted communications suggesting that many Salafists feel oppressed in Germany following the Millatu Ibrahim ban and the subsequent police raids.

In Egypt they are hoping to live “the true Islam” or fight in a “Jihad against infidels,” wrote the magazine. Among those 20 followers of Mahmoud who have already left is Berliner ex-gangster rapper and convert to Islam Denis Cuspert, who performed under the artist name Deso Dogg. 30 further Islamists are “sitting on their suitcases,” the official told the magazine.

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  1. You can be certain that the muslims (islamists is so islamofauxbic a word, but I digress) … the muslims leaving Germany are ones who, through nationality or visa status, will have no difficulty re-entering Germany when it suits them. Recent asylum seekers and migrants will sit tight.

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