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Ripping The Guardian made easy

A paper run by self righteous elitists who wouldn’t know anti-Semitism if it hit them squarely between the eyes. No doubt they’ll fluff off the Condells of the world, once you reach the cloud cover of mount Olympus you stop being mortal, and have virtue streaming  throughout your veins.

H/T: Israellycool

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  1. As usual, the truth. But Yechezkel (Ezekiel) got there before you 2700 years ago (Chapters 35-39).

    Listen to the masses at the Olympics (sans the corporates, they never use their seats) they cheered Sarah Attar of Saudi, coming last in the 800m, why? Because all the normal, non-Grauniad readers know what Islam is like and what this woman did speaks a lot more than mohamet ever did, Mohamet and his crazy, anti-semitic religion will be overthrown, ultimately……… women.

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