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Anything would better than the behemoth in Brussels.

A new Hanseatic League in place of the EU?

A prolonged euro crisis could lead to the Nordic EU countries forming a modern Hanseatic League centred on the Baltic Sea, says University of Helsinki history professor Henry Meinander.

Meinander envisages intensified cooperation among the national economies of the countries of northern Europe that have played a key role in keeping Europe afloat during the present euro debt crisis.

Meinander points to the Nordic countries, Germany, the Baltic countries and Poland as a group that could form a separate, viable economic alliance, a modern version of the Hanseatic League of merchant guilds and cities that dominated the region during the 13th to 17th centuries.

Greater cooperation and coordination by this group would not have to mean the demise of the European Union. Professor Meinander notes that there are many international organizations that continue to exisit, even after losing much of their political significance.

“The EU can, so it looks today, be one of those in the future ,” he told YLE.

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  1. Eliminating the influence of France, initiator of the EU is a start. Communism-lite aka ‘socialism’ of this region needs to be purged as well if these regions are to be given a free hand to appropriately address/resolve the aggressive hijrah invasion.

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