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How nice of them.

So in other words, all this time the illogical anti-Israel left has been sitting in front of Israeli embassies around the world railing against an imaginary Israeli ”apartheid system”, while the Saudis were openly discriminating against Shi’ites by not allowing them to buy land.

NOTE: It’s why I call them fake human rights activists.

Saudi to reverse Shia property ban

Published Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saudi authorities have decided to withdraw a ruling issued by a senior religious scholar in the Kingdom which prevented the sale of real estate to members of the Shia community.

A branch of the Ministry of Islamic affairs in the Eastern Province issued a circular to mosques repealing the fatwa of the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Jibrin which prohibited the sale of real estate to Shias.

Jibrin’s decree had said it was wrong to sell property to Shias if the property was in the vicinity of Sunni families or in Sunni villages or towns.

Shia Muslims, who make up around five percent of Saudi’s 27 million-strong population, are concentrated in the oil rich Eastern Region, but there are also smaller communities in the holy city of Medina and other areas.

They are routinely prejudiced against, and face marginalization in Saudi society.

Saudi security forces have often suppressed their grievances by force, with anti-government protests by attacked on a regular basis.

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  1. Jordan bans Jews from owning land or becoming citizens.

    Palestine bands Jews from owning land (enforcing a DEATH penalty to those selling land to Jews) and the PA Ambassador to the USA said Jews will not be allowed to become citizens in Palestine.

    S’audi Arabia a few years ago removed a ban on Jews on it’s official website but many people still believe Jews are officially banned from even visiting the country let alone buying land or being a citizen.

    The MSM never ever reports this.

    1. How right you are Steve, the Arabs are very well entrenched in apartheid politics…its called sharia.

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