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  1. Time we start to insist on certain values that immigrants have to accept if they wish to live with us in peace and harmony.

    Some simple and enlightened values that we need to assert, without in any form or manner targeting a group or ideology. These are normal for any nation or culture, and most certainly ours that is tolerant, humane and just.

    1. No other language to be supported by the state except the national language.

    2. Ban FGM totally. This is totally against our values. Anyone engaging in this outrageous custom has to pay a penalty.

    3. Ban child marriages. This custom is not in keeping with enlightened European values.

    4. Ban polygamy. Again, it is not in keeping with enlightened European values. Besides it causes immense headache when it comes to financial and inheritance cases. Our laws have evolved over centuries based on marriage between one man and one woman. We cannot have the absurd situation that we overturn centuries of values, tradition and law, just to cater for people who are here quite voluntarily.

    5. “Honour” killing punishable by the usual legal penalties. In addition, as the crime is a violation of the codes of European values, those who did or aided in the murder, to be deported.

    6. Ban raw Halal meat in shops. No Halal slaughter whatever in Europe. The slaughter of dumb animals is against our tradition of humane attitudes to animals. There is no requirement whatever that we overturn our traditional values for other cultures, who are here of their own will.

    These values are good, beautiful and true, and therefore need no justification. How on earth it has come to pass that I have to state the above is the real question.

  2. Apparently, all one has to do to become a Muslim is to recite the shahada three times. This is scary stuff if children are being made to recite it.
    It is a sneaky way to force children to become Muslims. There are cases in the Middle East where people have converted to Islam, only by reciting and nothing else, then when they try to leave Islam they are murdered for apostasy.
    I’m worried where this is going to lead to!

  3. This disgusts me. All of the teachers in the UK should be lined up and shot for their indoctrination. Now, the next generation will be full of Musloid dhimmis!

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