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  1. This is so incredibly sickening. Remember the graffiti on the wall right after the murders saying that Merah was such a hero? Apparently these people think that murdering three children and an adult is not so bad at all. F*cking unbelievable.

  2. Disagree with the text at the start of the video “Imagine how the media would treat a group of conspicuous Christian women attempting to lay a wreath for Timothy McVeigh”. It serves the myth that McVeigh had religious motivation and the false equivalencing of McVeigh with jihadi terrorists.

    1. there is no equivalency here, it;s exactly how the media would portray the act, regardless of the facts surrounding the case you accurately stated.

  3. That shows you just how utterly and totally INCOMPATIBLE Western and Islamic cultures truly are!!!

    ALL Moslems MUST BE rounded up, disenfranchised of any and all Western citizenship and deported to the Islamic world. [Converts to Islam should be forcibly dumped into Iran if Shi’a, Saudi Arabia otherwise.] Even the non-practising ones could all too easily suddenly start practising – and it takes only a few weeks to radicalise a Moslem into becoming a murderer, rapist, &c. Only those who TRULY practise a skill considered haram in Islam (art, music, science, medicine) MAY be allowed to stay in the West – under strict surveillance.

    Naturally, ALL Westerners in “dar al-Islâm” should flee the Moslem world likewise on pain of their otherwise being considered traitors to the West!!!

  4. Can people so brainwashed, so radicalised, ever be convinced to return to any sort of normal existense in the west? If the answer is no, the only alternative is deportation. Anyone who wants Sharia, should be immediately deported. Any immigrant wanting asylum should sign an agreement saying they will abide by the laws of the country and not seek sharia. Anyone found violating this is the be deported, including all family members.

    The final solution – no Muslim immigration allowed – none.

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