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This tells you all you need to know, if you haven’t been convinced already.

Terrorists Target EDL Demonstration

Posted on July 7, 2012,
As reported earlier this morning, seven men have been arrested for their involvement in a plot to target last Saturday’s EDL demonstration in Dewsbury.

Police found an improvised explosive device (IED), much like those used in Afghanistan, along with guns, ammunition and leaflets warning ‘infidels’ not to follow the EDL, David Cameron or the Queen.

It was only by chance that just hours before the demonstration was set to begin the car carrying this deadly cargo was pulled over and impounded for not having any insurance. But it was not until Monday that police actually searched the car and discovered the weaponry.

When every single day our newspapers carry reports about Islamic extremism, it’s all too easy to become desensitised; to imagine that in the modern world the existence of would-be terrorists and religious radicals is just an unfortunate reality.

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