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After reports arose that former PLO leader Yasser Arafat’s body will be exhumed for further testing, under the assumption that perhaps he was killed by Israel via radioactive poisoning, the New York Times has picked up right where their pro-Arafat slant left off seven and half years years ago.

Writing the Times’ article explaining the poisoning theory, Rick Gladstone described Arafat as “the father figure of Palestinian nationalism.”

A father figure? Really?

Yet as Newsbusters has shown, this language is not far removed from the praise the Times was heaping on Arafat shortly after his death. In January 2005, the paper lionized Arafat’s “heroic history.”
The Times’ stories contained no explanation for what makes terrorism “heroic” or what makes leading terrorists heroic. Nevertheless, their coverage is as clearly slanted against Israel now as it was it when Arafat was alive.

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  1. Who knows, maybe somebody poisoned him before he died of AIDS. Maybe he thought the poison was a cure for AIDS. For sure, if the Isrealis did it, they would not have waited so long. Radiation poisoning–wasn’t the KGB accused of that?

  2. The NYT has not been known for honest reporting for a long time now. If there is an evil in the world or a cruel despot to be found, you will see the NYT singing it’s praise. arafart has been one of the most cruel butchers in modern times (apologies to Pol Pot and Kim Jung Il) Combine his vicious nature with a rabid hate for Israel and Jews and that makes the NYT absolutely love sick for that pig of a man.

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