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Oh, you could see this coming from miles away.

He’s one of Anjem Choudary’s prodigies, hence the need to look more deeply into the activities of the firebrand (Islam 101) cleric. It wouldn’t surprise to find out one day that Choudary was arrested for contributing to their radicalization.

“Richard Dart, 29, is a white Muslim convert who featured in a BBC documentary last year filmed by his own brother about his conversion.”

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White Muslim one of six arrested over ‘terror plot’

White Muslim convert Richard Dart and a former police community support officer were among six people arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack in Britain.

By , Martin Evans and Sam Marsden

10:00PM BST 05 Jul 2012

Richard Dart, who was radicalised by the cleric Anjem Choudary, was held following police raids in east and west London.

A former PCSO and two of his brothers, who were living just over a mile from the Olympic site in Stratford, were also among those detained during the police and MI5 operation to prevent a suspected terror assault.

One of the brothers was Tasered by officers. Counter-terrorism police had first searched their home last November.

The Daily Telegraph understands the police moved over fears that a group had obtained a sword which could potentially be used in a terrorist attack.

Mr Dart, 29, the son of Dorset teachers, featured in a BBC documentary last year filmed by his own brother about his conversion. During the film, called My Brother the Islamist, he was seen protesting about British soldiers in Afghanistan and accused them of being “murderers”.

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  1. A few thoughts came to mind when I read about this convert puppet, and his master, choudary.

    It’s a shame that some Margaret Singer inspired ‘de-programmers’ didn’t have the opportunity to undo the effects of choudary’s psychological grooming. But, I suppose, because mohammedanism is seen as a legitimate supernatural delusion, rather than the toxic cult that it is, that sort of intervention is harem, or an in infringement of human rights, etc etc.

    choudary is obviously an adept psychological manipulator, and is aware that a high percentage of young men are drawn to apocalyptic, ‘cleansing’ through violence fantasies, especially when those fantasies involve ‘putting women in their place’. It’s easy to assume that the convert puppet is a pencil pricked premature ejaculator, or has chronic halitosis, or is otherwise a failure in the mating dance. If that is the case, then no wonder he dreams of imposing sharia upon the ‘uncovered meat’. Every spurned inadequate craves revenge. Consider too the ‘junior anti-sex league’, from Orwell’s 1984, when these evangelical types get all hot and bothered with the thought of imposing their notions of ‘purity’.

    A tragic man named David Smith died this week, here in the UK. A toxic, inadequate fantasist, ian brady, in need of a wider audience, had attempted to draw Smith into a sordid world of self-aggrandisement through violence, tempting him with talk of nazism, mein kampf, and kiddie porn (material guaranteed to have the hardened jihadi drooling into its beard). brady miscalculated, of course, Smith gave him up when brady’s evil became manifest.

    choudary is more dangerous than brady. If acted out, choudary’s desires would make brady’s crimes look like a hippie love-in. choudary acts out by proxy, therefore he can deny his guilt. choudary is protected by a claque of apologists, the most dangerous fact of all.

    It’s a shame that this convert puppet lacked the moral courage shown by David Smith when an evil psychopath preyed on his mind.

  2. Islam is an innately universalist doctrine. Allah is a universal deity, a universalist truth that transcends the distinctions between nation-states, ethnicities and cultures. Allah is not to be linked with a specific local, tribal or parochial culture: Islam posits itself as the fundamental truth the whole of Mankind should submit to. Man made laws are illegitimate because they’re deemed to be a product of a specific culture (pre-and post-Islamic Jahiliyya), that is unique and distinct from other cultures. Thus, Islam is innately acultural in its quest to instate global uniformity. This also dispels the ridiculous notion that Islam is supposedly a culture, as PC ideologues would have it.

    Which basically means that Muslims in essence are not beholden to patriotism or national citizenship. They have no allegiance with nation-states or local citizenship. Simply because Tawhid (the Oneness of Allah) forbids it, it is not allowed ! Thus, Islam can not be absorbed into the national identity of Western countries, it can not be made subordinate to the acculturation in a specific environment (that is inherently un-Islamic) which would enable Muslims to integrate.

    This is all down to Tawhid + shirk + the ensuing al wala wal bara core tenet of Islam. Usually, al wala wal bara is made candidly explicit by Salafis in the public domain. In the context of mainstream Islam, however, (Sunni Islam of the Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki and Hanbali schools of jurisprudence) the al wala wal bara discourse is usually kept out of the public awareness, because it can fly under the radar, kept within the confines of mainstream mosques.

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