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Just saying, multiculturalism isn’t all a bed of roses, it be mostly thorny and prickly too!

H/T: Vlad

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  1. Back in the 70’s a “famous Swedish businessman” was robbed by “two prostitutes” while in NY. Supposedly it made a big splash in the media. The media didn’t go public with the name of the businessman in question though. But people in the media knew, there were rumours. You want to take a stab at who that businessman was? While you’re at it, you want to take a stab at what gender those prostitues were?

    Soo…this Somali refugee “child” stayed in the royal castle from time to time…and even the news stated that the Somalis overnight stays in the royal Castle in Princess Christina and her husbands apartment coincided with the Princess being away from home.

    Say, is that a Diamond earring in that Somali lads ear? Who gave him that?

    Now, I don’t want to jump to conclusions – but I already have. Those conclusions might also explain the the sentence.

  2. Socialist World Solidarity views are apparently an infectious disease that affects all classes. Much like the plague.


  3. Somali is culture is based highway robbery. Dont these people know anything?

  4. The once fabulous nation of Sweden is now a nation of fools. Their naivety is astonishing. Years of Leftist brainwashing has turned them into village idiots.
    Sorry to any Swedes reading this, but if you object to my conclusion, then please prove me wrong!

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