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I ‘ve been saying this long before the official ”Arab Spring” got under way. When ever Islam feels itself in ascendancy, it gets uppity and the gloves come off. This has repeated itself throughout it’s history, and thanks to modern age, it’s now a global phenomenon, instead of being a regional one.

Thanks Vlad, you’re a gem.

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  1. A four-point guide to false bravado (ie cockiness and cowardice):

    1/ Act like the big man and strut like a rooster when around your peers. If necessary, affirm your manhood by picking on those weaker than yourself and shouting louder than anyone else.
    (example: Islam)
    2/ When meeting someone bigger and stronger than yourself, act all friendly, play the victim if necessary and cry like a baby if you have to.
    (example: Islam)
    3/ If you think that your opponent may be showing weakness or you are growing stronger than him, posture and make threats – strike when you can, but if your blind arrogance has caused you to underestimate your foe and act prematurely, be prepared to back down, blame someone else, and run away if necessary. Never, ever apologize!
    (example: Islam).
    4/ If you know for sure that your opponent is weaker than you, strike with impunity, use every bullying technique that you can, and never show any mercy as mercy is a sign of weakness!
    (example: Islam)

    All four stages can be summarized in one statement – ‘be loud, be cocky, behave like a coward but never let anyone that you know see you act like a coward’!
    (prime example: Islam)

    Islam is so utterly predictable, a disgusting ideology that encourages its followers to behave like school bullies, not surprising really, as its only teacher and sole founder was the biggest and slimiest coward that ever lived!

    One day Muslims will have the evil little smiles wiped off their faces. They are definitely cruising for a bruising!!

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