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This is what I feared. AMERITOPIA

In spite of the Republicans repealing this legislation in the next congress, it opens the door for future attempts. Kiss the home of the brave and land of the free good bye, it’s over, statism wins out, the court is in the bag with the Democrats, the Government and the unelected bureacracy (made up overwhelmingly of Leftists).


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  1. There is something seriously wrong with a system of government, where the opinion of one man can change the lives of every American, many of whom are opposed to such a change. What makes man so godlike?

    There is only country in the world where all policies are decided by a referendum on the policy – Switzerland. Moreover, the referendum is conducted in each canton, thus allowing for each canton to adopt a different policy on the same issue.

  2. I don’t know anything about America’s system, but can this be overturned?

    1. Potb, look at my comment in the below. Yes it can be overturned, but a precedent has been now established.

  3. As far as I can tell, this Supreme Court ruling only give the Obama regime the right to tax Americans for national health care. They did not rule we must have national health care. Now if someone else is elected president in November and shuts the whole thing down, then that’s the end of it. Even so, if Obama loses his re-election, he is egotistical enough to spend billions before January to try to force it through. I guess it’s the plan of ‘we’ve spent too much money to turn back.’
    The far Left in the USA is trying to present this as a done deal. It ain’t over until the elections are over.

    I’m impressed with national health care in Finland but it’s ran very differently than how the Obama regime plans to use it. If you do not have a KELA card, you pay. So illegal aliens are out of luck if they do not have cash. Also Finland has the idea it’s important to spend money within it’s means. The Obama regime is the exact opposite. Obama spends money like a drunken sailor. I seriously believe Obama is deliberately trying to destroy the USA’s wealth. This is only my opinion which is formed by his actions.

    1. The problem here Cloudberry, is that Roberts’ swing to the left, sets constitutional precedent, that the statists will return to, time and again. That means it will never be the end of it, for every time a statist politician returns to the highest office and/or runs the two branches of government, they will use every means at their disposal to continue ”the project”, of instilling utopia (which they never manage to define what it looks like).

      This means even more diligence of the conservative to, yes, vote Obama out, but also win consecutive super majorities in both houses for the next foreseeable future. Not an easy task, especially in this age where they have to fight not only open Democrats, but also the media, and the state bureaucracy.

      Even when Dems lose, their legacy churns on in the bureaucracy, slowly whittling away your rights. As for Finnish healthcare, yes its run differently, but the relation of the citizen to the state is the same, people are not really citizens, but servers of the state which regulates them….up the wazoo, making it the fifth most expensive country in Europe and the most expensive country in the EU.

      My deceased mother a few years ago underwent cataract eye surgery, being diagnosed at almost the exact same time my Finnish mother-in-law (also since passed away) was of the same thing. Guess who got treated first? My mother. in five short weeks both eyes were taken care of… mother-in-law had to wait NINE MONTHS for her first operation, being almost totally blind in one eye and difficultly seeing out the other.

      She was at the time filling my (now deceased) father-in-law’s weekly medicine tray. as well as helping to and from the toilet…talk about blind leading the blind. That’s the difference in systems. One leads to more medical professionals wanting to earn a good living and thereby filling out the work rosters, and the other….not adding more to their books due to lack of interest in earning meager wages for a life time of learning, while bleeding those they have, elsewhere.

      That’s why Eila had her operation schedules repeatedly cancelled….a total lack of available doctors and staff. The more government is involved in the citizens life, the far worse off they will become.

      1. Daniel Greenfield has wriiten an incisive article

        Here is just one sentence to whet your appetite

        The ObamaCare Mandate is a fairly simple trade between health insurance companies, which largely owe their existence to government tinkering with the health care market, and its government patron. In exchange for giving the government what it wants, the government gives them what they want, us.

        1. DITTO! ,Ccompanies that want to gorge themselves through corporate welfare on the public’s carcass.

      2. Thank you for your reply, KGS. I sadly agree. Roberts swing vote is going to be an unpleasant gift that keeps on giving. Some of the Supreme Court Justices are going to be hitting the big 80 in the next presidential term. Imagine that happening with Obama in office?

        With much of the slow service within the Finnish health care system, imagine trying to live with it and adding in millions of illegal aliens. This is what the Obamanation plans for America. I don’t even want to entertain the horror of it.

        I’m under the Finnish health care system now and it feels as sluggish as having HMO health insurance in the USA. Your story about your deceased mother-in-law rings very true. I’m sorry that happened to her.

  4. Unbelievable arrogance from the “supreme” court, and a BS decision as usual. Nothing new here except the level of arrogance.

  5. We’ll be kicking Obozo out of office come November. I agree, an absolute betrayal by a judge looking to save his own reputation of “fairness”. It’s a joke. Luckily, this will galvanize conservatives to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Just as the “Gay Marriage” flip flop brought all Evangelicals on board, so will this bring all anti-big government voters on board.

    As a message to the rest of the conservative world who are watching the US to see where this will lead, we are still fighting. For years, as socialists overran Europe, Australia, and beyond, people have felt that the United States, despite our faults, would always be a bastion where a good majority stood for traditional, conservative values and against the covert Jihad movement that liberals are covering for. We remain that bastion today. This charlatan may have fooled the American people once, but he will NOT again. This socialist rat has been caught red handed trying to deny us basic liberty. In November, at the voting stations, he will pay the price, and once Obama falls, I expect his counterparts who rule over brave freedom fighters everywhere, to fall as well. It starts with removing Barry from office… it ends with removing Islam from Western territories in a global deportation program.

  6. They also gutted Arizona’s new immigration law. The Obama administration moved immediately to invalidate the one element left standing by the Supreme Court, by simply ordering immigration officials to essentially ignore most reports received from law enforcement who are acting in accordance with the one section of the law left untouched. So the entire law is essentially invalidated. So much for the will of the people of the state of Arizona, and Obama gets to continue ignoring and refusing to enforce federal immigration laws passed by the people’s representatives.

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