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Guess what? They’re still laughing!

You see, it’s this kind of preferential treatment for ‘some in a specific sector in British society’, that gets the average Brit’s blood boiling. I can hardly blame them.

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Pair who laughed as they raped woman they ‘came across’ in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not ‘dangerous’

  • Rezgar Nouri, 27, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, repeatedly raped the woman, 24, in Preston
  • But judges rule there was ‘insufficient evidence’ that they should be defined as ‘dangerous’
  • They allowed the men’s appeal against original indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term

Two men who laughed during a horrific ‘gang rape’ of a drunken woman have had their sentences slashed after three senior judges ruled they were not ‘dangerous’.

Rezgar Nouri, 27, of Preston, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, of London, were jailed indeterminately after being convicted of assaulting the 24-year-old in Preston last June.

Sitting at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Hooper, Mr Justice Silber and Mr Justice Hamblen heard how the men ‘came across’ the woman before taking her to a flat where Ibrahim pinned her down while another man raped her.

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  1. So two men who laughed whilst raping a helpless woman are not dangerous? Just exactly what is dangerous then? Does anyone responsible for this verdict not realise that these men will probably do the same thing again once they are released? In fact after being in prison they will probably have contact with more Muslims and will come out far more dangerous than when they went in!

  2. Just reading the headline without reading the full article, I guess that the judges are British in a UK court.
    Yup. Guessed right.

    1. The British legal system and Muslims – the outcome is so predictable, it is laugh. Ths

  3. To declare a personal interest here, I had the misfortune, several years ago, to meet a woman who’d been violently raped by a mohammedan while she was a teenager. Being the offspring of soft leftist academic types, and polluted with a head full of popular culture, she denied her instinctive ‘stranger danger’ when she was taken in, literally, by a supposed helper when she found herself lost in Londonistan. This report therefore grabbed my attention.

    Quite simply, in this case, the two mohammedans have the propensity to rape, and it is safe to assume that once they’re released, they’ll probably find themselves in circumstances similar to the one that led to this multicultural coming together. Then, they’ll act out their grievances accordingly (because every rapist has a grievance). Therefore, they’re ‘dangerous’ (I’m discounting the possibility that incarceration will curb their enthusiasm for forcing ‘bitches’ into submission).

    However, after reading the report, I assume that the judge regards the rapes as spur-of-the-moment aberrations rather than as pre-planned assaults. I also assume that the rapists have no prior convictions for similar offences. It also appears that extreme physical violence and/or weapons were not used in this instance, hence, the judge’s decision.

    My retort is that the mohammedans acted in a predatory manner when they ‘came across’ their victim and took her to the flat to do what they felt they were entitled to do (because every rapist has a sense of entitlement). It seems as if the victim voluntarily accompanied the vermin to the flat. ‘Process’ predators (see Rory Miller’s sublime Facing Violence) pick out prey items that will cause them the least inconvenience. Given that, as the victim was drugged on self-administered alcohol, it’s easy to assume that her judgement was impaired, and because of that, the mohammedan predators could sniff out her vulnerability like wolves around a sheep. From what I know of these creatures, those who are adepts of social grooming can get what they want because they can play on their prey’s social conditioning. Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear describes many of the confidence tricks that rapists and such like use in order to entangle their victims. It’s about exploiting the social contract, picking out prey who’re too concerned about appearing ‘rude’, or ‘racist’, whatever. What’s worse for women is that the ‘please don’t hurt me’ body signals they sometimes project when faced with a stranger is just a come on for inadequate scum out to prove their supposed masculinity (and cultural superiority, in this case) with a bit of ‘putting the bitch in its place’.

    Given that certain elements have a vested interest in promoting grievance and entitlement in regard of the mohammedan ‘community’ that so enriches our country, I’ll assume that the cultural proclivity to blame shift and deceive will only be bolstered in these poor, misunderstood mohammedans lover boys. I imagine that they’ll find prison life irksome and inconvenient. They’ll blame the ‘bitch’. Maybe some of their family members will blame the ’bitch’ too. How dare she be out on the street, drunk, and unaccompanied? Remember the retort from the big cheesy foreskin of the Rochdale case? Remember myra hindley’s retort regarding Lesley Ann Downey? Here’s a clue, they’re all peas from the same diseased pod.

    So, when this pair of shite (or are they scummies?) are released, and when they get stressed or bored, they’ll develop an itch. They’ll remember the sense of triumph and amusement they experienced that night when they met that ‘bitch’. Maybe they’ll take it out on the ‘bitch’ at home, if there’s one around. Maybe they’ll have some submissive little Aisha shipped in from the homeland. Maybe they’ll replay the memory of that night as they self relieve. Or, maybe, they’ll sniff out some prey item lower down the food chain, someone a bit younger, a bit less likely to make a reliable witness in a courtroom, someone less likely to cause them inconvenience.

    Doesn’t that mean they’re ‘dangerous’?

  4. Rapping الاغتصاب
    I’m a Muslim and I want to tell you that this is a very bad attitude, completely against Islam. I mean raping. It’s also very bad for a man to speak that he has done something wrong like raping. I apologize on behalf of everyone who said or did or even thought of doing anything that hurts you and any European woman or man.

    Moreover, how did you know that the rapping man was a mulism? There are other religions in the Arab countries.

    Maybe some Muslims do it as a reaction due to raping Muslim women in Albania/Bosnia by Yogoslavian(Serbian) troops.It may be also due to insulting Muslim women in France by obliging them to uncover their hair(it’s seen as an insult) or due to preventing minarets in Switzerland by law. But this is not a justification. What crime have European girls and ladies done?

    On the other hand, I recommend, to prevent any bad one from raping, that our sisters and friends (girls and ladies) are dressed more heavily to keep off any bad wicked one, although it is not a justification for a man to rape women. Everyone should be a good ambassador for his background.

    I hope more peace and less violence in the whole world.

    Please accept the apologies and feel free to contact me for any further clarifications.

    1. Hey pal, if the girl is dressed only in a doesn’t give you muslims the right to blame satan for your own f’ng neanderthal urges and koranic vindications to rape the infidel, for that is what we’re talking about here, the muslim right to abuse a non-muslim because they (rightfully) reject allah and mohamed’s Islam.

      Screw your head on straight, reject islam, and the totalitarianism that accompanies it and join the free world. Any ideology that promoted the subjugation of another, is void by default.

    2. Who the fuck are you to say what our Woman wear in OUR Country. Why don’t you fucking keep your stupid racist/sexist views to yourself. If you don’t like our culture then you know what you can do.

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