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  1. Ahem….Zimbabwe, not Uganda. Furthermore, what the heck is “human rights” anyway? I don’t accept that term. “Human rights” is part of the western liberals new religion and punishment for blasphemy against that religion is second only to blasphemy against Uncle Mo in Islamic countries.

    Here in Sweden, we’re told that it’s a “human right” for illegal residents to receive “free health-care” with the cost being footed by the Swedish tax payers. And the taxpayers are obligated to pay for schooling and childcare for Illegal residents and their children. Citizens having more rights than non-citizens is against non-citizens “human rights” And health-care staff and school staff are actually forbidden by the by law from telling the police about those people being there and can be sent to jail if they do. One part of the government mandated by law to actively work against another part of the government – how freakish is that?!

    Last year in a neighboring town, parents were forbidden from taking pictures of their kids during St. Lucy celebrations at kindergarten because Illegal residents might also end up exposed by the pictures.

    1. I hear you Jacob. The notion of human rights has been hijacked and twisted all out of proportion. It now means whatever the Left wants it to mean. As for the state mugabe runs…thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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