Apostates From Islam Jordan



 Like I have been saying, ‘Arab Spring’? Bwhahahahahahahahaha

Oh they’ve had cases of apostasy long before this one, all throughout their Islamic history they’ve been convicting apostates, and killing them, it’s just happened in their sharia courts before the British system of law was instituted there..

 H/T Fjordman via: Jihad Watch

First Apostasy Lawsuit Comes to Jordan

The true face of the “Arab Awakening’ continues to manifest itself. According to Al Sawt, prosecutors associated with Jordan’s Salafi movement have brought a lawsuit to the Sharia Court of Amman—a lawsuit being called “the first of its kind” in modern Jordan: they are charging a man with “apostasy from Islam.” Journalist and writer Salah Kharisat is accused of publishing an article in the media, which, according to prosecutors, “used expressions that indicate apostasy,” including rejection of the supernatural, “contempt for the Noble Koran,” and calls for universal humanism. The writer naturally denies and is calling for aid from the international community.

 Source: Jihad Watch


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