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The article doesn’t make it clear exactly why this woman is afraid to go back to Gaza with her family. Since millions of other Arabs currently living in Gaza and in the P.A. administered territories, are high on the obese scale, you can safely conclude that (a) they’re daily lives are not being threatened by Israel, and that this is (b) merely a stunt to demonize Israel, or (c) she is actually afraid of the Hamas run regime.

NOTE: Perhaps she is in fact afraid of Hamas and The Local is afraid of mentioning that. Seeing that The Local refuses to report the entire story, we are left with more questions than the article answers.

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Hospital will let woman starve to death

Published: 19 Jun 2012 10:03 GMT+1

Doctors at a Norwegian hospital have decided not to intervene to prevent a hunger-striking 31-year-old Palestinian woman from starving herself to death.

The ethics council at Arendal hospital in southern Norway concluded on Monday that the hospital did not have the legal right to force-feed the woman, whose condition is rapidly deteriorating after a three week long hunger strike, newspaper Fædrelandsvennen reports.

The woman decided to stop eating in protest against a decision not to grant her family asylum in Norway. Instead, the migration authorities ruled to send her back to the Gaza Strip with her husband and their three-year-old son, a ruling she believes will endanger their lives.

“She is certain that it’s dangerous for us in Gaza, where we come from. She says it’s better to die here in Norway that to lose each other in Palestine,” her husband told the newspaper.

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  1. As usual, the Norwegian government backed down in terror at the prospect of a muslim not getting everything they want (at the taxpayer’s expense), and granted her asylum yesterday. The hospital’s refusal to employ force-feeding was almost certainly a political cabaret scripted by the Norwegian government.

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