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Not one call for boycott of Syrian products whatsoever.

Leftist politicians like Heidi Hautala are grossly ignorant of actual international law and the UN’s own documents long since ratified, that in fact legitimize Israeli settling of the area now known as the ‘West Bank’, or as I prefer to still call them by their original names, Judea and Samaria.

She is obviously ignorant of UNSCR 242’s conceding to the Israeli point that it could never be expected to withdraw from all of the territory west of the Jordan River, to indefensible borders (Auschwitz borders). The Israeli settlements are in fact entirely legitimate, which means Heidi Hautala is a complete ignoramus.

NOTE: This is what happens when Noam Chomsky’s advise is taken to heart and becomes official policy of the academy, the students are given only one perspective and told to debate within its parameters.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” ― Noam Chomsky

Heidi Hautala’s blog: Would you buy products that you knew came from Israeli settlements? Many wouldn’t buy, because they feel that by buying these products they support the economic growth of illegal settlements and approve of the settlements’ related human rights violations.

Now, making the choice on the shelves, however, is impossible, since the origin of the products sold in Finland are not distinguished from Israel and the settlements. The products produced in the settlements, are therefore, labeled Israeli, even though the settlements are located in the Palestinian territories in violation of international law. Now, the settlements will benefit from international trade, and in turn strengthen their financial position and complicate the Israeli withdrawal from occupied territories.

EU Commission representative said in the spring, that the transfer origin of the product labeling of the Israelites are deceiving consumers – and thus against EU Directive (2005/29/EC). Finland has hoped for the EU to issue member countries a joint directive for the labeling of settlements.

But we should not expect movement by the EU. A clear set of guidelines that would oblige Finnish shops to label the settlement origin of the products, must be made quickly. For example, Denmark, Britain and South Africa have already done this.

Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas fragment it and are a major obstacle to Middle East peace process going forward. The EU and the UN have condemned Israel’s settlement policy on a number of occasions. The labeling of the origin of the products support Finnish and EU’s foreign policy line concerning the settlement issue, the Israeli occupation and the Middle East peace process.

H/T: Vasarahammer

NOTE: Please do note that Israeli settlements are always labeled as a major obstacle to peace, but Arab suicide bombers and other atrocious attacks on Jews …..are not. Quite the contrary, Israel is expected to take the blows and still offer concessions regardless what the Arabs do, or don’t do.

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  1. The staring eyes and set mouths identify these tantrum-prone eternal babies: their look says: “I will never never NEVER change my mind no matter what the truth is! So there!!”

  2. I personally don’t have a problem with labelling the products if they come from a disputed territory as I’d say people have a right to know. My problem is that no one labels North Cypriot or Kurdistani products from Turkey (Iran or Syria), Western Saharan products from Morroco or Tibetan or Uighur products from China. They don’t label Faukland products from the UK, Kashmiri products from India etc.

    What I do object to is that again and again there is a double standard where only Jews are targeted and all the other nations of the world are ignored.

    Here is wikipedia’s list of territorial disputes to give readers some indication of all the other conflicts the media and “activists” ignore:

  3. I would be extremely unhappy to know a store stopped stocking an item because it’s from Israel but on the other hand, I would like to know if a product is from Israel so I can buy it over the other brands.

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