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  1. Absolutely right, KGS.

    You could not make this stuff up even if you spent 100 years bending your brain to come up with a total nonsense of this magnitude

    Actually, as you would know, tomatoes are very very good for you.

    All the more of this extremely healthy food for we non-Muslims!

    1. Yes Raymond, when you think that you’ve ”heard, seen it all”, the ROP comes along and proves us wrong.

  2. We should use their own superstition against them.

    We should promote the idea that we did it deliberately and that we have done way more than that 🙂

    1. I like that idea, Santor. I think we should spread a rumor that all green vegetables, all fruit and all cereals are Christian foods. We can easily carve some crosses into potatoes, carrots and so on, take photos of them and spread them on Muslim websites. Come to think of it aren’t Kalashnikov AK47s a bit cross shaped? Muslims should stop using those too!

      1. lol, it should be more subtle than that. Something like all goods send to muslim countries is shipped of with a secret devilish curse.

        When mulims buy it, they will get sick and feel a desire to convert to christianity.

        It have to be really far out, the worse the better 🙂

  3. Mohammedans are totally insane crackpots ! Their superstitious islamic paranoia has no limits, it seems.

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