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It’s those Jews, you know……

Standing up for Israel sticks in the craw of almost every hard lefty journalist, and if they’re a European lefty journalist, even more so. Here’s a hit piece by against Geert Wilders and those Jews in the US who stick up for Israel, it’s one of those “the Jewish lobby” memes.

What they never report about, or at least in the same tone as in this column, is about the myriad of Leftist organizations funded by wealthy US citizens, and yes some are Jews, that promote an anti-Israel/pro-Islam agenda.

You see, it’s only those Jews who stand up for US constitutionalism, individualism and the American way of life, as well as Israel’s right to self determination as it sees fit, who are placed under their magnifying glass, not the plethora of miscreants and malcontents who seek their destruction.

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Geert Wilders, Israel, funding, US

As a one-man party, the PVV is cut out of much government funding. But Geert Wilders has good contacts in Israel and the US and that is where much of his financial support comes from, writes Giles Scott-Smith of

In the last televised debate before the Dutch elections on 9 June, the party leaders were asked which country they would fly to if there was a plane ready to go.

Several said Brussels, Femke Halsema of GroenLinks said Washington (huh? Oh, to discuss the state of the world with Obama), Emile Roemers of the SP said Berlin (by train, of course). Geert Wilders, as ever setting out his own path, said Israel, because it was a country that deserved support. In the context of the recent mayhem surrounding the Gaza convoys, this answer stood out.

But Wilders has good contacts in Israel who support his political movement. Likewise in the United States.

As of this morning, the chances for a Right-wing cabinet in the Netherlands seem to rest with the Christian Democrats. Wilders appears to be genuine in his wish to govern:

VVD+PVV+CDA could “become something really fantastic,” as he put it. For such a cabinet to be stable, it would need alongside its majority in the Second Chamber (where it would hold 76 of 150 seats) also a dominant presence in the First Chamber – where so far Wilders has opted out.


Wilders even spoke out against the West Bank wall and the continuing expansion of settlements. But his designs for the PVV as his vehicle to political power demanded a regular sizeable income, and that meant cozying up to the radical anti-Islamic Right. Again according to the Vrij Nederland, showings of Fitna in the US last year came with a $2500 price tag for those wanting to join GW at the top table.

The picture that emerges from these US-Israeli connections is quite revealing because they are not so much on the Right-wing but on the Right-wing of the Right-wing. The Vrij Nederland ended its article (from October 2009): “With Wilders’ PVV in the government the Netherlands will place itself far outside the mainstream internationally. And that for a country that at the moment still so wants to work with the Big Boys.”

The Big Boys of course means the US. The potential consequences for Dutch foreign policy and the Dutch role and image in the world are mind-boggling.

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  1. So he has good contacts in Israel, so what? The head of the Socialist Party in Holland had Evo Morales come over (just a week ago) and they were proud of that. No fuss from nobody. The former head of the Socialist Party claimed Chavez was a ‘good leader for Venezuala’. Again no fuss. Now those are some obscure leaders.

    In that same debate a member of the Christian party also said he would go to Jerusalem. You won’t see any op-eds about that. It is just to revive ‘the Jew is behind everything’ myth. Only the Far-Left and Right would be proud of that. Never mind the journalist, he is just doing a Breivik 😉

    I can not remember him speaking out against the expansion of settlements by the way, as far as I can remember he believes Jordan should be Palestine, but nobody should be forced to move there.

  2. Lefty mush heads who side with the Palestinians fail to see the obvious. They aren’t oppressed. Sometimes the “oppressed” are really just frustrated oppressors.

    The reality is that the palestinians are really frustrated oppressors.

    Just because they have failed to oppress the jews does not automatically make them oppressed.

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