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The War Against Israel (WAI*), which includes the propaganda war of demonization as well, has nothing to do with Palestinian rights or grievances per say, and everything to do with Jew hatred (read=anti-Semitism or Judeophobia).

The BDS movement, the various flotilla attempts at running the legal anti-weapons blockade of Gaza, and the myriad of anti-Israel groups arrayed at the Jewish state have one thing in common, an irrational, illogical hatred for Israel, and express that hatred in the most anti-Semitic ways possible in their literature and demonstrations.

NOTE: Please read Benjamin weinthal’s piece in its entirety.

With the slogan “Occupation tastes bitter,” the German chapter of the Catholic organization Pax Christi began a national boycott campaign against Israeli products.

The NGO rejected any equation of its campaign with the infamous Nazi boycotts of the 1930s because, as Pax Christi emphasized in a statement, its focus was on the “settlements.”

Yet the vice-president of the organization admitted she would not buy “goods with the origin specification ‘Israel’ because under this designation products could come from the settlements.”

Even with this ambiguous clarification, it seems unclear how a boycott aimed only at companies run by Jews, where most of the workforce is Jewish and that are geographically connected to the only Jewish state could be anything but anti-Semitic.

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NOTE: * TINSC came up with that designation.

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  1. Dammed pseudo catholics. They are flirting with the devil.

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