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  1. He attacked them from the back… coward, not a brave mustard. Reminds me of the mustards in Afghanistan and Pakistan who run and scurry like scared rabbits when they realize that a drone or gunship helicopter has them in its sights. Also reminds me of a gang of 20 mustards beating up a one or two men or women – very brave! Not.
    When are the politicians of Europe and the EU going to wake up and realize that they are destroying western civilisation, western culture, western history and morals by introducing a rabble of rabid, unintelligent people who have NO intention of integrating nor helping, but have full intentions of disrupting the life of freedom, making demands that NO other faith makes. islam is NOT a religion, but a Cult – a very dangerous and horrible cult that has NO respect for any of the things that are valued in the west and in the civilised world. The Police in Belgium have got to be given small arms (pistols) so that they can effectively deal with mustards like this foaming-at-the-mouth maniac. I hope these brave Police officers do not suffer any more, and regain their health soon.

    1. I suggest that maybe in the next 10 years all police services will have to be reshaped like SWAT-type teams. I very suspect ‘standard policing’ will be out of the question when we I arrive at that point in time.

  2. Belgium is steadily moving towards the eve of Islamic destruction. A Salafi militant killing a Shi’ite imam, a niqab’d woman breaking a police officer’s nose, two policemen stabbed, Abu Imran rearing his ugly mug everywhere…I wonder what the coming fews months have in store for us ?

    That’s what you get when politicians are perpetually hibernating. Now all of a sudden, they realise what’s going on. Left it a bit too late, I say.

  3. Sorry, but they have to learn the hard way. And the US should stay out of it (thinking of the whining when the inevitable happens).

    1. In fact, the broader layers of society in this country were very well aware of the possibility these things were going to happen sooner or later weeeeelllllllll ahead of people in the Anglosphere, Scandinavia,..and the likes. So if you must refer to ‘they’, then you should think twice about whom you are referring to, because this calamity is all the handiwork of politicians poisoning the police forces top down, not listening to the people as a whole, no less. Sounds familiar ?

      You are blatantly naive to assume that your own politicians are better than that. Brace yourself for a nasty surprise in a decade time…Don’t think you can live forever in splendid isolation, because Islam is catching up with the US fast !

      “Sorry, but they have to learn the hard way. And the US should stay out of it” Fine, no one asked you anyways ! (or is Belgium next to Afghanistan, or what ? Read a map first…)

      Pah ! Feckless, disdainful BS ! Are you living in cloud cuckoo land ? I suggest you petition the US border security services to get a grip on what gets in via Mexico !

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