Never mind the fact that Sweden has rings of fire surrounding some of its major cities.

These are the genus’s radio talk host Mark Levin is always talking about, the ”mastermind Utopians”, who set out to craft and mold society into their warped view of how things should run‘. Never learning from experience they muddle on devising new ways to entrap society into their grand schemes of progressive forward movement.

NOTE: A welfare state employing a policy of mass immigration, is nothing short of state suicide. They really must hate themselves to want to radically transform their society into something completely foreign to their + thousand year history.

Continued openness to the outside world is critical to our future development. Mobility, both migration and international trade, promotes our economic growth.

It must also be noted that Sweden is a small country on the edge of Europe with a climate that isn’t altogether welcoming for part of the year. Sweden has therefore taken a leading role in international migration. When others lower the barriers, we open more roads. In the global competition for labor, Sweden should be able to attract the people who move across borders.

The government’s policy is based on getting more people working and creating the conditions for more and growing businesses. At the same time, there is a labour shortage in some occupations and industries, current unemployment notwithstanding.

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NOTE: From the comments to the article>

Yes Mr Billström, dry textbook economic theory, of the sort hero worshiped by technocrats with limited life experience, states that mass Labour mobility is the cure to many an economic ill.

Unfortunately the technocrats who dreamed this theory up, didn’t take into account cultural, religious, ethnic or educational differences among populations, but rather ignorantly assumed that all people are equally employable and capable of integration.

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  1. It is a group-level example of what happens in a relationship where there is no trust or logical parameters. Sooner or later it destroys itself in the effort to micromanage illogical premises.

  2. We;ve tried this in the UK. It doesn’t work for us.

  3. The show keeps on rolling. If the European economy continues to disintergrate as it is, I suspect these Utopians will come to an unpleasant end.
    Old scores will have to be settled. I for one will have no sympathy for them.

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