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We must quit the EU and be free of its ‘shackles’ or face joining a ‘single country called Europe’, says former Labour Foreign Secretary Lord Owen

Lord Owen says Germany is racing towards ‘a single European government in all but name’
Therefore Britons must be asked: ‘Will the UK be better off leaving the EU or staying and joining the euro?’, he says

Britain could leave for a larger ‘European Community’, he says
George Osborne today again resists calls for an in-out vote

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  1. This from the group that gave our country to the EU.

  2. Germans have never been asked to completely integrate into the EU, and the resentment against the EU is at least as strong as in the UK.

    Besides, its against the constitution, which is written for the ‘wellbeing of the German people”, it doesn’t say the wellbeing of Greeks or ‘PIGS’, or north Africa or Muslims or any such thing.

    The watermelon greens that want to abolish Germany will be held accountable when the Eurabian nightmare ends.

    Don’t believe what you read in the lame stream media, the German people are not the only ones who are getting very irritated with their despotic ineptocrats.

  3. The EU is currently threatening to impose huge fines on Germany because German courts have found that the EU’s data-surveillance directive violates the German constitution and the German government has therefore refused to implement it.

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