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If he indeed speak ill of Mohamed, his fellow thugs, of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, full kudos to him. And to all those wealthy and famous that spend money in the region, look yourselves in the mirror.

Kuwait: Blogger gets 10 years in prison for blasphemy

Kuwait City, 4 June. (AKI) – A Kuwaiti court has convicted a 26-year-old blogger to 10 years in prison for insulting the prophet Mohammed and for harming Kuwait’s interests in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Hamad Al-Naqi will appeal the sentence, news reports cited his lawyer as saying.

Al-Naqi was accused of blasphemy for sending out tweets regarding the prophet Mohammed, his companions, and his wife, Aisha. The tweets also contained disparaging comments about the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

He said his twitter account was hacked and he did not send out the messages.

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